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2006 Year-End Recognition for David Wassilak/Midnight

David Wassilak was honored with two “Judys” (Judy Newmark's Best of The Year Awards in the Post-Dispatch); one as Best Actor for Midnight’s THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES, and also as a member of the Best Ensemble for St. Louis Shakespeare’s METAMORPHOSES.

And in the Ladue News, Mark Bretz mentioned JESSE (“a stylish bit of work”), as well as METAMORPHOSES and Muddy Water's THE CRUCIBLE (which David also appeared in) as among the significant productions of the year.

In addition, David was also recognized with several nominations in the Second Annual Kevin Kline Awards, including: Best Actor (for Muddy Waters' THE CRUCIBLE); Best Supporting Actor (for Muddy Waters' BURIED CHILD); and as part of Best Ensemble nominations for THE CRUCIBLE and for Shakespeare Company's METAMPORPHOSES. For more information on the awards, visit kevinklineawards.org.

NOTE: In 1998, Larry Dell also received a "Judy" as best supporting actor, for his role in the original production of THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES.

Best Vagabond Theater
After Midnight

The dearth of good playing spaces in this town is kinda like the weather. Everybody likes to complain about it, but nobody does much about it. Except for After Midnight, or Midnight Theatre Company, or whatever they choose to call themselves from show to show. Call them what you like, it's Joe Hanrahan and David Wassilak. Although earlier this year they staged an intriguing Ballad of Jesse James in a bleached-out setting at Technisonic Studios, these guys are more akin to Will Rogers than to Jesse, because they never met a playing space they didn't like—or at least that they didn't try to make work. The Ballad was at Technisonic, other plays were staged at HH Studio in Maplewood, and last month ThomPain (based on nothing) found a home at Café Balaban. No one's knocking comfortable seats and good sight lines, but kudos to a homeless fringe theater in which the challenge of the locale becomes a part of the experience.

2005 Awards

For the end of year theatre wrap-ups from various critics and publications, The Midnight Company and After Midnight received the following recognition:

In The Ladue News, Mark Bretz singled out David Wassilak for his portrayal of Cassius in Shakespeare Company's JULIUS CAESAR.

In the Riverfront Times, Deanna Jent, said Tamara Kenny "brightened After Midnight's SKYLIGHT." 

And for After Midnight's ORPHANS, Larry Dell was cited for giving one of the best performances in the year by Judy Newmark in the Post-Dispatch, and THE best male performance of the year by Byron Kerman on PlaybackStl.com. Kerman wrote: “One of St. Louis best kept secrets is actor Larry Dell.  Making infrequent appearances on stage in the last few years, he makes an impact when he does turn up in a production.  This past summer, he starred in aferMIDNIGHT's production of ORPHANS, where he garnered the attention of theater patrons with his portrayal of slick mobster-on-the-run Harold.  Dell's sage-sounding voice added that little extra charm to this story of the father/son relationship between two Philadelphia orphans and their adopted father figure.  Dell's performance was so genuine and fine-tuned that he was able to transport the viewer into the world of the play quite easily.  He has a very solid stage presence that makes on sit up and take notice. My only hope is that come 2006, St. Louis audiences are treated to more productions with this fine actor”.

2004 Awards
Joe Hanrahan’s work in ST. NICHOLAS was recognized by both critics in The Riverfront Times and in Playback as among the significant productions of the year.
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch
“Judy” Awards

Every year, Judy Newmark, theatre critic for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, chooses her (admittedly subjective) Best of the Theatre Year. Her MAJOR awards are for the best productions of the year. The Midnight Company is very proud to have been chosen for one of these, for our May, 2002 production of THE HUNCHBACK VARIATIONS at Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis.

The awards:

Best Musical, big and splashy:
"The Producers," Fox Theatre; created by Mel Brooks, songs by Brooks, script by Brooks and Thomas Meehan; Susan Stroman, director.

Best Musical, down and dirty:
"Chicago," New Line Theatre; created by Bob Fosse, composed John Kander and lyricist Fred Ebb; Scott Miller, director.

Best Modern Play:
"The Shape of Things," Studio Theatre, Repertory Theatre of St. Louis; Neil LaBute, author; Steven Woolf, director.

Best Classic:
"A Midsummer Night's Dream," Shakespeare Festival of St. Louis; William Shakespeare, author; Eleanor Holdridge, director.

Best Avant-Garde Play:
"The Hunchback Variations," THE MIDNIGHT COMPANY; Mickle Maher, author; directed and performed by JOE HANRAHAN and DAVID WASSILAK.

Past "Judys"

Midnight is proud of our frequent collaborator, Larry Dell, who's garnered two "Judys" for best supporting actor performances of the year in two Midnight productions.

Larry Dell as Cole Younger
As Cole Younger/John Newman Edwards/Narration in THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES.
Larry Dell as Pozzo
Larry Dell as Pozzo (with Chris Lawyer) in WAITING FOR GODOT.
RFT “Best Of” Awards
Hanrahan and Wassilak in THE BALLAD OF JESSE JAMES
David Wassilak and Joe Hanarahan on location at The James Farm for

In 1999, in the annual Best of St. Louis issue of The Riverfront Times, Midnight's co-founders were honored in the “Best Actor” category:

“The category is a legitimate tie because Joe Hanrahan and David Wassilak have worked together so often and so productively that for many in town the question is always, "What are Hanrahan and Wassilak up to?" Hanrahan has a history of running headlong into Eric Bogosian's solo work. Wassilak offered up many a mighty performance with the Orthwein Theatre Company, including an unforgettable performance in Sam Shepard's CURSE OF THE STARVING CLASS. With their new cofounded Midnight Productions, they will have a formal avenue to pursue their talents and vision. Hanrahan is short, stocky and comes at his audiences like Harold Hill on ecstasy. Wassilak is tall, gaunt and so removed that you often feel he's calibrating world powers as he acts. Together, they're fascinating to watch, and their consistent, work, imagination and talent have been great for St. Louis.”


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