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Joe Hanrahan’s theatre career stretches over several decades and several major growth spurts in the St. Louis theatre scene. After graduate school and an initial corporate job, Joe served as Marketing Director for the St. Louis Rep (then called the Loretto-Hilton Rep). He helped build their subscription base to over 16,000, and helped introduce the Studio as an additional performing space. During that time, he was part of Theatre Project Company, the first professional independent theatre company in town, performing in a number of shows.

Joe Hanrahan in Woody Allen's GOD

After TPC, he began directing (DEATH OF A SALESMAN for West End Players and THE BROWNSVILLE RAID, the first production from the new Black Rep). He performed in a number of lead roles in new plays (HURLEY BURLEY, BREAKING THE CODE, THE REAL THING) for City Players, a classic St. Louis company, in a variety of spaces. Then joined the director of those shows, Milt Zoth, forming the Orthwein Theatre Company at St. Louis Country Day Mary Institute School. There, Joe played Hamlet, Norman in THE NORMAN CONQUESTS and Truman in GIVE ‘EM HELL HARRY plus several other roles, while directing OUR TOWN, THE YEARS, DETECTIVE STORY AND BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS. Zoth also directed him in DRINKING IN AMERICA by Eric Bogosian at Zone 8 nightclub, the first of Joe's many one-man shows.

Joe then hooked up with the late Agnes Wilcox and her company, the New Theatre, acting and directing (SYLVIA, PSYCHOPATHIA SEXUALIS).

Dave Wassilak was part of the PSYCHOPATHIA cast, and post-show discussions led to their formation of The Midnight Company. Details of that 20-year run and still counting is spelled out on the Past Performances page of this website.

Joe Hanrahan as Chaplain Tappman
Joe continued work with other St. Louis groups, some now defunct, some still thriving - including Upstream, HotCity, R-S, acting, writing and directing for the site-specific group, OnSite, and, again, the Black Rep, where he did some acting, directed the acclaimed one-woman show NO CHILD, and served as Marketing Director for one year.

He got back into directing, sharpening his skills in community theatre with productions of BUS STOP, THE UNDERPANTS and A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE (which won him Best Director honors for St. Louis community theatre). He then began a rich association with SATE (formerly Slightly Askew Theatre Ensemble), acting in several shows and directing CUDDLES for them.

Joe wrote some of the earliest Midnight work, and has stepped up his writing in recent years, turning out a variety of scripts that Midnight and others have produced (scripts are available on the Past Productions page).


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