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EDEN, IOWA A horror film Written and Produced by Pat Pinkston, and directed (with great style) by Derek Elz in and around St. Louis, this played the St. Louis International Film Festival in November, 2010. Joe Hanrahan played a supporting role as head of a research lab. In the film, one of the labs researchers, desperately trying to find a cure for his terminally ill wife, gets involved with a diabolical stranger offering promises of eternal life.

ROE This short horror film directed by Christopher Jordan was shot in Winter 2010 and re-shot Summer 2010. Joe Hanrahan plays a small town drifter who’s lured by riches and powers of the mind offered by a lady by a lake, and succumbs to the horror in the water. It played in Portland’s H.P. Lovecraft Festival in 2010 ( a regular September event there.) Director Jordan was not happy with the reception of the film, and has taken it back into the editing room.

EXHIBIT Joe Hanrahan wrote this play for OnSite theatre for production in 2009. Joe subsequently produced a film of the play that appeared in the 2010 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase.

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