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JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG depicts the second wave of Post World War II trials at Nuremberg, as influential judges who cooperated with the Nazis, including the character Ernst Janning, portrayed as one of the most eminent German legal minds of the pre war era, face a military tribunal.

Ellie Schwetye, who last year directed LITTLE THING BIG THING for Midnight, will direct JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG.Beth Van Pelt will be Stage Manager for the production.

The cast includes Cassidy Flynn as Oskar Rolfe, German Defense Attorney and Chuck Winning as Colonel Tad Parker, Tribunal Prosecuting Attorney; Steve Callahan as Ernst Janning, Terry TenBroek as Emil Hahn and Hal Morgan as Warner Lammpe, accused German Judges; Joe Hanrahan as Dan Haywood, Jack Corey as Curtis Ives and Charlie Heuvelman as Ken Norris, American Tribunal Judges; Patrick Blindauer as General Matthew Merrin and Jaz Tucker as Captain Harrison Byers, officers in the American Army occupying Germany; Rachel Tibbetts as Frau Margarete Bertholt, widow of an executed German officer; Gerry Mandel as Dr. Karl Wickert, Michael Perkins as Rudolph Peterson and Frankie Ferrara as Maria Wallner, key witnesses in the trial; Charlotte Dougherty as Mrs. Habelstadt, housekeeper for Judge Haywoods residence; and Mason Hunt in several roles.

Originally produced on television in 1957, made into an Academy Award-winning film in 1961, then adapted for the stage, premiering on Broadway in 2001, JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG not only brought some of the worst Nazi atrocities to public attention, but has become one of the twentieth centurys most important records of the Holocaust.In the play, Manns compassion strikes at the heart of human suffering, and JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG remains a play that unfortunately is as potent and relevant as ever. The plays achievement has been to reaffirm humanity and justice in the wake of unspeakable evil.

The Midnight Company has been presenting new and challenging work in St. Louis for 20 years. In 2017, their productions included LITTLE THING BIG THING, TITLE AND DEED and original scripts of (T)RUMPLESTILTSKIN at The Fringe’s Five-Fifths, TONIGHTS SPECIAL at The Theatre Crawl, and THE EVEREST GAME at The St. Louis Fringe Festival. In 2009, Midnight presented GIVE 'EM HELL HARRY at the Missouri History Museum.

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The Missouri History Museum, located in St. Louis Forest Park, is operated by the Missouri Historical Society. The Museum offers programs and outreach services, including special exhibits; tours; theatrical and musical presentations; programs for school classes and youth groups; family festivals; special events; workshops; and lectures. Due to its innovative approach to public service and inclusion, the Missouri History Museum was chosen as the first recipient of two of the country's most prestigious awards for museums the Institute of Museum and Library Services National Award for Museum Services in 1994, and the American Alliance of Museums Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Inclusion Award in 2017. The Missouri History Museum receives funding from the St. Louis City and County taxpayers through the Metropolitan Zoological Park and Museum District, and from the members and donors to the Missouri Historical Society. Learn more



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